Setup Application

Before you can start to use a device application you need to setup an application, below we will explain how you get this done.

Before we can start configuration of a Application, we need to aquire the actural solution.

This is done in two possible ways.

CAB file handed down from your partner OR Download the standard file from LITTLEBEACON AppStore


To implement an application, select the NEW button in the RIBBON MENU in the top.

From within here you select the package file OR you download the file from the AppStore (select the Open App Store button)

Once file is downloaded from AppStore or filefolder you neeed to press the import button or update if the application exist.


Once the application is in place, notice as new versions are send out, you are free to update these.

We can now create the actual application inself.

NB : You can have more than one application using the same package (PRODUCTION, TEST, DEVELOPMENT)

The application is the section the devices are actually using.