TestFlight & AppStore

We have two ways to install MobiSolutions App's - AppStore or Testflight

When we talk about Apple App's, there is two ways Testflight and AppStore to handle distribution of our App's

Testflight :  Is used through our BETA program and is used to distribute none standard App's

AppStore :  is used to distribute released and/or standard App's



From LITTLEBEACON you will receive a notification email (from apple).

You then need to download TESTFLIGHT from AppStore, when you then login you will receive a list of app's your account have access to.

NOTICE : You will receive an email from TESTFLIGHT the first time your get added to a new App's from here you can add the App to your list.

Each time a new version gets released, the version status icon changes to UPDATE


APPSTORE contains all your released versions, both from our standard product release

and our customized versions.

Here you can download app's just like any other app you have on your device.