Before you start the installation you need op copy the certificated to the install folder, and optain a copy of the mobi.lic file from your partner

To start the installations execute the file starting with Mobi On Premise.exe file included with the package.

Once the install is loaded you need to go through the next / next wizard,

The first input screen alows you to alter the modules and location of the installation, unless you change anything you will receive the full package in the default folder on the c drive.

- On Premise Server (the primary part of the application)

- On Premise Console (UI to the application, allowing you to keep the console on your own desktop)

- MobiModules Console (support for previous versions of MobiSolutions BEFORE cloud version)

The next screen, sets the credentials of the primary application AND the password to the certificate.

You will optain the password from your partner or LITTLEBEACON support (

If you dont have a certificate filled in, it is because you forgot to copy it to the install folder.

NOTICE :  if you dont have the certificate password you will not be able to progress.

The last screen allows you set the SQL server that is required of the installation and which credential and database that is required for this installation

Once completed the system will install itself to your server.

The installation is now completed, but a few small steps are required before you are up and running.

You need to copy the Mobi.Lic file to the installation folder, as this will allow you to start the primary windows service.

Last step, we need to insure that service has the correct credentials.

Look at the Log On As property of the Mobi On Premise Service, we strongly suggest that this is assigned to an actual

Windows User AND this user has the rights to access the SQL database.

You can change the properties on the service, in the Log On you can modify the property using This Account.

If you change the log on propery, you must restart the service from the service window.

You are now ready to start enjoying the features of MobiSolutions.