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What can I do with the Service App? 

With our integrated app for service your employees can register time, benefits, driving, image documentation, material consumption etc. - on the go and all in one app!

With our Serive-app for iOS and Android you can easily and fast perform your daily tasks both in and out of office. When using your work phone your can easily register time, absence, driving, material consumption and much more. And only with a few clicks.

MobiSolutions Service / Expense is for you who wants to optimize and streamline your company’s workflow and break with manual routines. You always have all relevant information right by hand.

How is it in practice?

MobiSolutions will be integrated in parallel with your current ERP / finance system. This means that you can continue working while we integrate your solution.

Your data is always up-to-date and synchronized at the moment they are entered. Of course, absolutely safe and encrypted. Our solution is developed for Android and iOS.


    User friendly app    Installed in 2 days     Support and counseling



A short list of benefits

Complete overview
You get an overview of the most important information about customers, incomplete tasks, inventory etc., which makes the employee independent of the office.

Less paperwork
The employee receives information via the handheld device. It is easy to register time, material, and other costs directly on the device. When a job is done, the customer can approve and sign off digitally that the job is completed and done to their satisfaction.

Optimization of driving
You save time and fuel consumption when the employee no longer has to drive back and forth to the office in order to pick up today's assignments. Instead, your employee will receive all relevant information on the handheld device.

Minimization of errors
You do not have to spend time registering handwritten worksheets. All necessary information runs via the system – you do not have to register the same data, which means no duplicated work and a minimization of errors. The solution has a very user friendly design, which makes the employee’s job simple and efficient.

Reduced administration
The solution makes it possible to perform administrative tasks in the field via the handheld device. This means that the employees at the office save time and effort on reading and entering all the handwritten worksheets they usually receive regarding use of time, materials, etc.


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